ausfine full cream milk powder skim milk powder butter milk powder non-hydroscopic whey powder edible lactose cream powder

This range consistently offers high-quality products, well surpassing the A.D.P.I Extra Grade standard. 

We offer milk powders which are produced from 100% dairy cow’s milk, spray dried in modern plants and packed in factories that are at the forefront of technology and efficiency. 

We offer flexibility in packaging and efficient shipping. Milk powders can be produced to your required specification.

  • Full Cream Milk Powder 26% Fat (FCMP)

  • Instant Full Cream Milk Powder 28% Fat (IFCMP)

  • Skim Milk Powder (SMP) - Low Heat (LH)

  • Skim Milk Powder - Medium Heat (MH)

  • Skim Milk Powder - High Heat (HH)

  • Butter Milk Powder (BMP)

  • Non-Hygroscopic Whey Powder

  • DeMineralised Whey Powder

  • Edible Lactose

  • Cream Powder