Helping your business prosper through the challenges and
complexities involved in Dairy and Meat markets.

Working directly with major global dairy and meat producers, Ausfine’s transparent, flexible and integrated approach to service provision allows business to be undertaken with suppliers on terms that best add value to the supplier’s business. From entering new markets, working through technical and non-technical market access challenges to promotional activities Ausfine Foods offer the following services to its key supply partners.

THe Ausfine Promise / Risk management / logistics
finance solutions / customised blends

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Our Promise

Ausfine promise. Ausfine Team. Ausfine Expert Skills. Expert Knowledge.

Whether you are Buying or Selling, Ausfine Foods aim is to provide you with a solution that fits your dairy and meat needs, creating value for your business.

The team's consultative approach ensures your goals and the issues that are preventing you from achieving them are understood.  Utilising Ausfine's expert team skills, knowledge, and networks a strategy to achieve your dairy and meat goals are executed with integrity, honesty, and authenticity.

When you want the job done right, the first time, on time, let our team of dairy and meat experts help you achieve your business goals.

Our range of services include

  • Supply chain & logistics solutions

  • Finance solutions

  • Export/Import solutions

  • Handling downgraded product

  • In-market representation

  • Market intelligence & information

  • Extensive network global customer

  • Commercial test kitchen


Risk Management

Commodity Trading Experts - Specialists in Export and Import Management. Meat and Dairy Commodity Trading. Ausfine Foods International


Since the mid 2000s dairy commodity prices have seen moves of over USD $2000/MT in a year 6 times, driven by a variety of unforeseen market impacts: weather and geopolitical events, new sources of demand and supply, and changes in currency markets and macroeconomic conditions.

This sort of volatility causes havoc for both end users and manufacturers alike: missed budgets, constantly changing plans and an inability to invest with confidence among them.


Ausfine is able to deliver price risk management tools that give more price certainty to both end users and dairy processors alike – examples include:

  • Long term fixed price contracts

  • Minimum (for sellers) or Maximum (for buyers) price contracts, which lets you know your “worst case” scenario while letting you buy “at market” if prices move in your favour

  • Collar price contracts, which gives you price certainty within a range in a cost effective manner

A range of other tailored tools are also available.


  • Protect margins and budgets

  • Stabilise cash flow and supply chain

  • Focus on what you can control (your operations), manage what you can’t (market prices)

  • Price certainty for investment and growth



Customer Focused, Driven, and Promising End-to-End Customised Supply Chain Solutions.  Ausfine Export and Import Management. Logistics Experts. International Network, Sea Shipping, Air Freight.

Providing our trading partners with integrated end-to-end customised supply chain solutions, is part of Ausfine's promise to deliver value.

The dedicated Ausfine team of Supply Chain and Logistics experts, maintains direct relationships with a vast network of international, domestic and multi-modal transportation providers to help provide timely and accurate delivery expectation


Finance Solutions

Ausfine team. Ausfine Finance. Trade Credit. International Banking.

Ausfine's team of finance experts are skilled in all aspects of Trade Credit; international banking, lending, issuing letters of credit, export credit, and insurance. 

We offer valuable advice and direction to help drive the value of your business while creating certainty and security.


Customised Blends

Ausfine Foods offers a full range of blends for many different and varied applications, produced to your specification under your own branding in pack sizes ranging from 900g sachets up to 25kg bulk bags.

Ideal for use in:

  • Dairy

  • Bakery

  • Small Goods

  • Health & Fitness

Enquire with our Dairy Department

Current blend formulations include:

  • Milk Powder “Replacers”

  • Seasonings

  • Batters

  • Sports Drink Powders

  • Confectionary

  • Meal Replacement Formulas

  • Milk Powder Portion Packs

  • Muscle Building Powders