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Meat & Dairy Traders

The Ausfine Advantage is 30 years experience dealing with the volatility of the global dairy and meat industries.

Ausfine was established in 1988 and from it’s very first day the Ausfine team has cemented steadfast long-term relationships with many of the worlds leading dairy and meat companies, specialising in helping formulate market strategies and the marketing of new product lines. In addition, Ausfine have developed a unique and deep relationship with many customers from all over the world, ranging from small to multinational, where Ausfine are invited to help formulate a purchasing strategy based on industry insights and deep level of mutual trust and put their trust into the Ausfine Team to provide real-time and valuable insights into the current market dynamics.

The Ausfine team intrinsically understands the continually evolving and complex nature of the international trade of dairy and meat products. Challenges around the vagaries of weather, trade restrictions, banking and global payment issues, shipping, documentation and clearance, logistics, and payment surety, not to mention underlying market volatility, all combine to make a minefield for the unwary. Ausfine is your partner to help you navigate through these challenges.

Ausfine can certainly assist with the supply of cheese (Cheddar, Mozzarella, Gouda, Edam, Hard Grating, cream cheese), dairy powders (SMP, WMP, Lactose, WPCs) and dairy fats (Butter, AMF) along with all meat types (Beef, Lamb, Sheepmeat, Pork, Poultry, Game), but specialise in the addition of market advice and the structure of a supply solution that best meet your unique demands.

With our Indonesia office, Ausfine is a global business underpinned by strong Australian Heritage and win – win partnerships.

Ausfine's expert team is relied upon to provide expert and trusted solutions for Risk Management, Hedging, Supply Chain, Logistics, and Finance, enabling customers to concentrate on their core business.

Our History

Ausfine Foods International was established in 1988 by 3 partners, Don Scarlett, Terry Grigg and Graeme Amoore, each with a vast amount of experience in the Australian dairy and meat industries. Over the subsequent years Ausfine has developed strong relationships with many of the worlds great Dairy and Meat producers manufacturers and has earned a reputation for delivering excellent levels of service to it’s international customers. Ausfine has never lost sight of its main focus, exporting quality dairy and meat products into the many and varied markets of the world.

Ausfine Today

2022 marked the next evolution of Ausfine as the company returned to 100% Australian ownership, a natural progression as it continues on its quest to become the most Trusted business partner for all of its suppliers and customers globally. Ausfine continues to grow through the addition of highly motivated and skilled team members that culturally align with the Ausfine values and on that ultimate target of becoming the Most Trusted. Ausfine HQ remains in Melbourne, Australia, home to its fastest growing market – Australia, and it’s team of experts in global and domestic food trade. Ausfine’s largest subsidiary office is located in Jakarta, Indonesia - PT Ausfine Foods is rapidly becoming the superstar at Ausfine as the Indonesian office grows month on month and continues on the same journey of becoming Indonesia’s Most Trusted business partner for its suppliers and customers. This reflects Ausfine’s passion for the Indonesian market.

Ausfine also has subsidiary offices in Auckland New Zealand and strong presence in Europe and USA. All while maintaining a focus on the rest of South East Asia and North Asia, our traditional markets and heartland.

We would love to chat to you about your dairy and meat requirements for the Australian and Indonesian markets or in fact your global requirements.

Ausfine Tomorrow

Ausfine Foods recognises that the world does not stay still, and neither does international trade. Not only are the worlds different markets changing, so too are the manufacturers and packers. As one door closes another most certainly is opening, in sometimes very unusual places, Ausfine is always on the look-out for that next door.

Ausfine realises that it cannot operate just as a trading company, it must deliver more to both suppliers and customers. It needs to be an extension of the suppliers marketing division, as well as filtering out genuine inquiries and increase the levels of service to the customer.